Posted by: joels | July 9, 2008

Guns, Martydom, and Disagreement

John Piper John Piper wrote a blog entry on June 29th entitled, Guns and Martyrdom. He was expressing the sentiment that it is more Christlike to suffer martyrdom than to kill an assailant.* I have a great deal of respect both for Piper and for that sentiment, and if you have struggled or are currently struggling through the issue of pacifism, then I would encourage you to read his words and consider them.

James WhiteHowever, James White, a man whom I also respect, wrote a response to Piper’s blog post, I Beg To Differ, Brother Piper. He appeals both to Scripture and the Reformed tradition to advocate (violent) defense. I would similarly encourage all to read his post, and to wrestle with the issues that both of these men raise.

*It would seem that Piper may have some pacificistic tendencies in his thinking, though I haven’t seem them expressed quite so explicitly from him before.


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